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Haitian Jokes | Blagues Creole | BelBlag

Haitian Jokes | Blagues Creole

A monkey never thinks that her baby is ugly. Haitians can be mean sometimes. Women sometimes use this proverb to insinuate that a baby is ugly. » »

An empty sack can't stand by itself. Also means one cannot work on an empty stomach. Haitians usually say this when they are hungry and they have to... » »

The donkey sweats so the horse can be decorated with lace. Haitians usually say that when they feel like they are doing all the work and somebody... » »

Beyond the mountain is another mountain. Some times you think you are above everyone else. this how we haitians remind you that there is always... » »

The pencil of God has not eraser. Also means when God blesses you it is forever » »

God is good This is a proverb of optimism and fatalism. Whatever happens is what God does, and what God does is for the best. » »

Pack up your bags and leave immediately. Often used in politics in times when a sitting Haitian president goes into exile Same as "Rache manyok ou... » »

Twig by twig, a bird will will build her nest » »

La mère de Toto demande à Toto: "Prêtes-tu la luge à ta soeur?" Toto reponds: "Oui maman, moi je l'ai pour descendre et elle l'a... » »

Ou se yon Ayisyen lè ou ale nan yon fèt epi ou pa ouvri pòt machinn nan pou fanm nan ou minnin nan fèt la. Epi nan aswè, ou... » »